Carbon Fiber Manufacturing

DexCraft is a leading manufacturing company & supplier of top quality carbon fibre elements. We have expertise in series production (minimum 20 items) of carbon fibre elements.

We manufacture in bulk items using materials that include epoxy composites with carbon & aramid filaments. We take every effort to ensure top quality workmanship & the highest aesthetics when manufacturing our products.

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Carbon Fiber Parts Manufacturing and Fabrication

Carbon fiber has a leading position in the market for manufacturing composite materials. The laminate features light weight, strength and a unique luxurious appearance.

We manufacture and supply carbon fiber components and products. We have expertise in series production (minimum 20 items) of carbon fibre elements.

Carbon fiber autoclaved product manufacturing

Our offer includes formed carbon fiber parts as well as carbon fiber sheets.

Depending on the strength required, the manufacturing and fabrication process can include prepreg technology (autoclave curing), resin infusion, vacuum bag or manual laminating.

All custom carbon fiber parts and products are manufactured with high quality epoxy resins. We use a curing oven for manufacture of products resistant to high temperatures. We can manufacture products according to your specific quality and strength parameters.

We supply carbon fibre components to different markets including Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, USA, Poland and many more.

Carbon fibre products technology

Thanks to over 10 years experience and know-how, we have implemented advanced production methods to meet to client individual needs and requirements:

  • Pre-preg in autoclave: to provide ultra-light weight components that offer excellent aesthetic appearance. Pre-preg carbon fiber molding has applications in Formula One racing, amongst others.

  • Resin infusion technique: perfect for large items of moderately complicated design including table tops, casings, covers, sheets.

  • Manual laminating: used for small products of simple design where cost-effectiveness is crucial.

We apply the best techniques that ensure high quality end products as well as modern design. We provide top quality services and products thanks to our expertise, highly skilled specialists, modern facilities and strong motivation for customer satisfaction.

Prepreg carbon fiber moulding

Parts Manufacturing and Fabrication Tools

We are capable of supplying any product using CNC machinery and 3D design. We manufacture the product identical to the 3d model or sample part provided.

We have the tools and technology to fabricate and cut for any dimensions you need.

Carbon fiber prepreg moulding

Why Dexcraft?

  • Over 10 years experience and 100 implemented projects.

  • Carbon fiber products series production (min. 20 items).

  • Products of premium quality and unique aesthetics.

  • Long-term cooperation with partners among others in Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, USA, Poland.

  • Advanced facilities: autoclave generating working pressure 8 bar, paintshop, oven (2x2x2m, temp. 250oC).

  • We can supply products that carry a logo and serial number.

  • Timely delivery and competitive prices.

Project execution- 10 steps:

  1. Consultation: defining the objectives.

  2. Designing: from an idea to 3D design.

  3. Mould and model: with focus on precision and attention to detail.

  4. Prototype: demonstration of first product iteration for client’s approval.

  5. Series production: production according to individual requirements regarding quality and quantity.

  6. Treatment: cutting, milling, drilling of holes.

  7. Assembly: assembly with adhesives, bolts, rivets.

  8. Finishing: painting, marking, polishing.

  9. Quality control: measurements, precise visual inspection.

  10. Logistics: packing and shipping.

DEXCRAFT – supplier of comprehensive carbon fibre solutions.

Europe made in carbon fiber product manufacturing

We implemented over 100 carbon fiber parts projects. We supply:


- Diffusers

- Lip spoilers

- Splitters

- Motorcycle silencer muffler tips


- Ballistic protection (Aramid/Kevlar)

- NATO vehicle tables and components


- Carbon fibre sides (fenders) for wheelchairs, ultra low weight carbon sheets

- Foot orthoses, back orthoses

- X-ray scanner table tops penetrated by x-ray radiation


- Light weight automated machine arms and other parts

- Industry machine casings

- 3D scanner parts of outstanding low thermal expansion

- Carbon fiber sheets


Sailing boat equipment

- Diving backplates

- Diving fins


Laptop cases

- Wallets

- Premium product cases

- Interior design elements

- Furniture fronts (carbon fiber veneers)

- Loud speakers "high-end" fronts (carbon fiber veneers)

- Business cards

And much more carbon fiber composites (carbon fiber moulding).


We do not offer services related to supply of individual details (minimum series of 20 pcs is needed) nor carbon fiber wraping of plastic products.

For quotation please contact us at:

Phone: (48) 505-555-524.

We offer low shipment costs within Europe and Worldwide.

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