Carbon fiber composites

Our company is a reputable supplier of premium quality carbon fiber composites

We design and manufacture prepreg carbon fiber composites
for the automotive industry and racing cars, as well as for medical (X-ray devices), wheelchairs, military, interior decor, rehabilitation and many other uses. Our company also produces and supplies 1 to 25mm thick carbon fiber sheets.

The manufacturing process uses prepreg technology (prepreg composites, autoclave composites), resin infusion and hand lay-up. Each product is manufactured with unique technology.

More than 15 years experience
We have more than 15 years experience in providing supplies of complex carbon fiber composites and solutions for the most demanding clients and leading companies from many industries.

Our facilities include 8 bar autoclave (autoclave composite manufacturing), an oven that can accommodate items up to 2x2x2 m at maximum curing temperature of 200 °C, a paint shop, as well as a treatment and cutting machine. We also supply milling services from 3D drawings.

Our Company is located in Poland (Europe), 30 km from Warsaw. Our company is the leading supplier of carbon fiber composites in Poland.

Prepreg carbon fiber parts fabrication
Why Dexcraft?
  • We have a strong focus on on-time delivery and excellent all around performance.
  • We have expertise in complex projects including preparation of concept, design, preparation of molds, manufacture and fabrication.
  • We possess the capacity to manufacture any desired carbon fiber product.
  • Dexcraft uses only the highest-grade carbon fiber raw material in all its products. The same materials as are used in aviation, aerospace and Formula 1.
  • We supply top quality products (prepreg composites) at attractive prices.
  • We aim to establish long term relationships built on our quality and reliability.
  • We offer low shipment costs within Europe and Worldwide.
dry carbon fiber parts, dry carbon fiber composites
Technology we use:
  • prepreg (prepreg carbon fiber parts – cured in autoclave)
  • resin infusion
  • hand lay-up
  • custom

For production we use carbon fiber (carbon), aramid fiber (Kevlar), glass fabrics and special durable epoxy resins resistant to high temperatures.

More about technology of production of carbon composites

Our facilities

We have a highly developed production line, which we constantly upgrade with cutting edge technology. Our current line-up boasts these tools and machines amongst others:

  • autoclave with working pressure of 8 bars (for producing prepreg carbon fiber parts)
  • oven for heating products up to 2x2x2 m and a maximum working temperature of 200 °C / 400° F
  • paint shop
  • CNC machine for milling models and molds from 3D drawings
  • milling machines that deliver consistent, repetitive cutting of ready-made composites

More about our production line

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