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Our company is a reputable supplier of carbon fiber, Kevlar and glass fabric products.

We design and manufacture composite products for automotive industry, racing cars as well as orthopaedics, wheelchairs, interior decor, diving, rehabilitation and many others.

Our company supply 1 to 20mm thick carbon fiber sheets.

All products are manufactured with use of epoxy resins. We have more than 7 year experience in providing supplies if complex products and solutions for most demanding clients and leading companies from many industries. Manufacture process follows with use of prepreg technology, infusion and hand lay-up. Each product is manufactured with unique technology.

We possess over purposed for baking of products sized 2x2x2 m at maximum baking temperature of 200 °C, paint shop, as well as treatment and cutting machine. We also supply services related to milling on basis of 3D drawings.

Our Company is located in Wołomin, 30 km from Warsaw – Capital of Poland. Our Company is leading supplier of carbon fiber products in Poland.

As a supplier of carbon fiber products:
1. We have a strong focus on on-time delivery and excellent actual performance.
2. We have expertise in comprehensive projects including preparation of concept, design, preparation of moulds, manufacture and “cutting of end products ".
3. We possess capacities to manufacture any desired carbon fiber product.
4. Dexcraft uses only the highest-grade carbon fiber raw material in all its products. The
same materials used in aviation, battleships, satellites, and rockets.
5. We supply top quality products at attractive prices
6. We offer long time and reliable cooperation
7. We offer low costs of shipment within Europe and Worldwide.

We are open to realize customized orders, as well as series production of any composite elements.  

Special projects are not the exception for us, but our daily business. Please, contact us at info@dexcraft.com with your questions regarding carbon fiber products, and let us deliver your solution.

We have a passion and a pride here at Dexcraft, and it’s evident in every carbon fiber part we produce!

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