For many years, our company has supplied high quality wheelchair components including carbon fiber side guards (fenders)

We offer 100% carbon fiber side guards, as well as more cost-effective and affordable versions of our products that feature a black glass fiber core.

All sides feature surfaces resistant to scratches and UV radiation.

Carbon fiber components for wheelchairs - supplier

Thanks to unique technology and more than 12 years experience in the manufacture of carbon fiber elements specifically for wheelchairs, we provide products that feature a high gloss finish, precise and repeatable woven fabric, as well as being free from composite defects and air bubbles.

Sides are cut to size with a CNC machine to ensure precise and repeatable dimensions.

We shape molds and mill models based on 3D drawings.

Carbon fiber wheelchair side guards

carbon fiber wheelchair fenders

 Carbon fiber side guards for wheelchair - manufacturer

Carbon fiber side guards for wheelchairs - supplier

We offer carbon fiber side guards (carbon fiber fenders), as well as texalium sides guard made from glass silver fabric, commonly known as silver carbon or white carbon.

white carbon fiber wheelchair side guards, silver carbon fiber wheelchair fenders producer

We deliver carbon lightweight and rigid seats for wheelchairs that feature a honeycomb core.

We also supply carbon fiber components for handbikes (carbon fiber handbike seats).

Carbon fiber handbike seats manufacturer

Cooperation with our Company brings many benefits, including:

  • Reduction of costs - our Company offers products at attractive prices, as well as low delivery cost  - to find out more please forward an enquiry -> .
  • High quality of offered products - we offer high gloss products, resistant to scratches, without defects related to micro-bubbles.
  • 12 year experience in manufacture of carbon fiber parts for wheelchair.
  • For manufacture we use high quality epoxy resins and Hexcell branded 3k carbon fiber.
  • CNC cutting.
  • Upon request we deliver samples of our products.

We are located in Poland (Europe).

For further information and a quotation please contact us by email:

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