Ultra lightweight carbon fiber diving backplate

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The carbon fiber ultra lightweight diving backplate.

Thanks to its ultra lightweight of 400g only it is a great offer for traveling by airplane.

Carbon fibre ensures strength a few times improved comparing to steel products of the same weight. Consequently carbon fibre board is 7 items lighter than steel one and almost 2 times lighter than aluminium one, at similar or improved stiffness comparing to metal ones.

This unique scuba backplate has been manufactured using an advanced technology of epoxy resin vacuum infusion to ensure composite quality similar to the one in F1 racing cars.

Composite is a monolith (it is not jointed from 2 parts) what offers total resistance to high water pressure, salt water and unlimited serviceability.

Cutting of our carbon fiber backplates follow with CNC machine. Additionally chamfering and smoothing after cutting eliminates risk of harness damage resulted from rubbing.

Product features with double side high gloss UV resistance finish (Dexcraft logo is located under the clearcoat).
Scuba backplate made in Europe
Backplate thickness: 3 mm (0.11 inch)
Backplate weight: ~ 400 g
Height: 39 cm (15.3 inch)
Width: 26 cm (10.2 inch)
Material: 100% carbon fibre of 4/4 unique weave
Backplate fits most harness types available on market.
Backplate may be used with double – cylinder sets, and optionally an adapter is available for a single cylinder.

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