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What we do

Our company supplies top quality carbon fiber components (carbon) for many regular clients:

  • Manufacture of carbon fiber components including services for cutting, varnishing, assembly etc.
  • Manufacture of molds and tools for carbon fiber component production.
  • Designing carbon fiber component production processes.
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When Dexcraft was first set up in 2006, we focused on the manufacture of racing air intakes. Now we supply over 100 carbon fiber products for many different applications. We are market leaders in Poland, but sales continue to grow in Switzerland, USA, Finland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain and the United Kingdom every year.

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Advantages over competition
  • Premium quality
  • Over 15 year experience and over 100 products for different purposes
  • Our own facilities including autoclave and paint shop
  • Timely delivery
  • Stable prices and regular deliveries
  • Expertise in series production

We own our own facilities for manufacture of premium quality carbon composites including: autoclave, milling machines and paint spray booth.

Depending on requirements (weight, bending strength, budget) the manufacturing process follows with use of pre-preg technology (with the autoclave), resin infusion, vacuum bag or manual laminating. Find out more about the manufacturing process of composites during production.

carbon fiber parts made in europe
Carbon fiber parts factory located in Europe

We supply premium quality carbon fiber products. We are aware that quality is crucial for all our clients and that it contributes to the success of their businesses. The advanced manufacturing process, based on our ERP system, enables us to monitor all phases of production.

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Our Company is located in central Poland (Europe), 25 km from Warsaw, 05-200 Helenów, ul. Boryny 47