Why carbon fiber?

Carbon, or carbon fiber, is a material of many unique properties including extreme strength and light weight that lends itself to original and prestigious designs.

Yet this material holds many secrets– as far back as 40 years ago it was used by military research centres and NASA only.

Carbon is perfect where a product must have high strength and low weight.

  • 30% to 40% lighter than aluminium.
  • 5 times stronger than steel (of the same weight).
  • Carbon demonstrates extremely low thermal expansion.
  • Good thermal insulation, thermal conductivity 40 times less than aluminium and 10 times less than steel.
  • Carbon suffers far less from fatigueelements made from carbon fibre offer more strength during heavy duty operation.
  • Attractive appearance.

What we do?

We supply a wide range of services related to carbon fiber composites: from manufacture of moulds, fabric cutting, through to manufacture of composite elements, machine cutting of end details, and finally varnishing, assembly and quality control.

We possess know-how and expertise in all techniques related to carbon product manufacture. To every client we offer the perfect production technology that meets their needs and ensures an end product of high quality.


Prepreg / Autoclave

Pre-preg is the “top class”fabric which during the manufacturing process undergoes impregnation with resin mixed with hardener. The resin provides protection against damage and imparts the required viscosity to ensure fabric adherence to the mould surface.

Pre-preg type carbon fiber has applications in F1 amongst others, as well as in the manufacture of carbon fibre elements of sport bicycles.

When is it used?

For manufacture of premium quality products of complex design that have low weight and outstanding appearance.

Our autoclave generates working pressure of 8 bar that provides optimal strength of manufactured products as well as a perfect appearance of composites without any trapped air defects.

After manufacture, components undergo varnishing in the paint spray booth.

Autoklaw prepregi produkcja

Resin infusion

Resin infusion is a process whereby fabric in moulds is sealed with film/butyl tape and filled with a liquid resin. When the resin solidifies, the solid resin matrix binds the assembly of materials into a unified rigid composite.

This technique has applications in the manufacture of carbon sheets and other large items that have a moderately complex shape.

Resin infusion - carbon fiber

Manual laminating

Manufacture of high quality carbon fibre products requires costly technology. Dexcraft is one of the few companies that manufacture products using proprietary technologies of manual laminating that ensure high quality composites.

Our products manufactured using manual laminating technology present no defects related to air bubbles of the carbon fibre visual layer. Thanks to in-mould coating technology, all manufactured elements are resistant to UV as soon as they are removed from the mould (eliminating further spraying).

Customized techniques

To meet clients’ requirements and needs, we developed proprietary solutions that enable manufacture of unique products. For many years we built our reputation as a supplier who provides solutions where others failed.

Furthermore, we possess expertise in microsphere and bladder inflation.

Carbon prepreg produkcja

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