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100% Carbon fiber sheets

We are high quality carbon fiber sheets exporter / manufacturer. Carbon fibre sheets and panels in top quality high gloss are available in several different sizes and thickness. We offer a thickness up to 25 mm (1 inch), and a diameter up to 1.2x1.8 meters (3.9 feet to 5.9 feet).Carbon fiber sheets, CNC service All of our carbon fibre sheets are manufactured by us, in-house in Europe, and we ship carbon fiber sheets worldwide!. We always guarantee high quality products and have the facilities that enable us to produce any product you need to your exact specifications. We welcome custom orders as well as regular series production runs of any parts you need.

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with your questions regarding any of our carbon fiber sheets, and let us deliver your solution to you, on time, and with the required specifications. Or feel free to contact us by phone: (22) 226-86-70 | mobile: (48) 505-555-524 to discuss your needs.

The Manufacturing of Carbon Fibre Sheets:

Our top quality products are manufactured using the technology of epoxy resin infusion which insures no defects related to bubbles in the sheet layer. They are made with 100% carbon fiber using top quality 3k Hexcel fibers. Our technology ensures stiffness improved by approximately 30% compared to manually produced carbon fibre sheets, we produce a mirror-like perfect gloss of top layer. Thanks to in-mold coating technology, all of our manufactured elements are resistant to UV as soon as they are removed from the mold, eliminating thCarbon fibre sheets manufacturere need for further spraying. We also manufacture custom carbon fiber panels fit to your specs, including custom diameter, custom thickness (0.05 mm / 0,0019 inch precision) and cutting to size (CNC machining). Depending on the required strength and the aesthetic appearance of the product, the manufacturing process of carbon fiber sheets uses the appropriate technology, namely prepreg, resin infusion or manual laminating.

To meet clients’ requirements, we developed proprietary solutions that enable the manufacture of unique products. To complete theoretically unfeasible projects, our company developed many customized solutions and technologies. We take every effort to ensure precise workmanship and high aesthetics.

All custom parts and products are manufactured with high quality epoxy resins. We use a curing oven for manufacture of products resistant to high temperatures. We can manufacture products according to your specific quality and strength parameters. Find out more...

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