Carbon fiber sheet cut to any size, thickness 0.5 to 25 mm

Carbon fiber sheet cut to any size, thickness 0.5 to 25 mm

Carbon fiber sheet cut to required dimensions, thickness 0.5 mm to 25 mm (~1/50" to 1").

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Our offer of services includes cutting carbon fiber sheets according to the drawings (.dxf files).

We supply carbon fiber CNC maching services with 3-axis and 5-axis milling CNC machines that offer an accuracy up to 0.05 mm.

Our in house CNC machining capability allows us to efficiently and cost effectively cut your carbon fiber parts.

Just supply us with an DFX file.

Thanks to wide experience we offer carbon fiber trimming services of different carbon fiber elements purposed for industry, including for instance automated machine arms that require high precision and durable material (carbon fiber).

Our offer includes services related to carbon fibre CNC milling/maching, carbon fiber trimming, cutting carbon fiber sheets, edge rounding and threading.

Following cutting carbon fiber process, all elements feature with uniform edge and aesthetic appearance.

Our carbon fiber sheets advantages:cutting carbon fiber

  1. Sheet made with advanced infusion technology (in vacuum) that ensures stiffness improved by approximately 30% compared to manually produced sheets.
  2. Made from high quality 100% carbon fiber.
  3. Mirror-like perfect gloss of top layer.
  4. Extraordinary appearance, without any defects related to air micro bubbles (pinholes) – very common in the case of manually produced sheets.
  5. Low weight.
  6. The sheet is cured in production at 50 °C to improve bending strength, stiffness and thermal resistance up to 70 °C.
  7. Cut to dimensions with CNC machining center – which ensures stable and precise dimensions.
  8. Easily cutting with traditional tools such as a scroll saw, blade or grinder.

Dimensions: cut to any dimensions (280x140 cm max / 110" in x 55" in).
Fiber layout: 2/2 (also sheets with 1/1 are available).
Finish: single or double side gloss, protection against UV.
Thickness – available: 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm, 15 mm. 16 mm, 17 mm, 18 mm, 19 mm, 20 mm, 21 mm, 22 mm, 23 mm, 24 mm, 25 mm

Inch metric thickness: .025" in, 1/32" in, 1/16" in, 1/8" in, 5/32" in, 3/16" in, 1/4" in, 3/8" in, 1/2" in, 5.8" in, 3/4" in, 1" in

Find out about standard available sizes: carbon fiber sheets and panels .

We supply carbon sheets – we can manufacture sheets in custom sizes, thickness and fabric type (e.g. Aramid/Kevlar or Texalium sheets).

Possible uses for carbon sheet: panels, parts for model makers, interior decor elements, racing car panels, RC models, device casing etc.

Worldwide Shipping: we ship worldwide.
For details on international shipping costs -> see the shipping cost.

If in doubt, our experienced staff will assist you in your selection of the most appropriate carbon fiber sheet.

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Carbon fiber sheet cut to any size,  thickness 0.5 to 25 mm

Carbon fiber sheet cut to any size, thickness 0.5 to 25 mm