Kevlar parts manufacturing, Aramid fiber products fabrication

Kevlar parts manufacturing, Aramid fiber products fabrication

Dexcraft is a leading manufacturing company and supplier of top quality Kevlar / Aramid fibers elements.

We have expertise in series production (minimum 20 items) of Kevlar elements.

Our company has over 10 years experience in supplying aramid composites.

We manufacture items in bulk using materials that include epoxy composites with aramid and carbon fiber filaments. We take every effort to ensure top quality workmanship & the highest aesthetics when manufacturing our products.

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Wheelchair carbon fibers side guardes manufacturer
Wheelchair carbon fibers side guardes manufacturer
Wheelchair carbon fibers side guardes manufacturer
Wheelchair carbon fibers side guardes manufacturer

Kevlar & Aramid Parts Manufacturing and Fabrication

Aramid (Kevlar) is a composite material that offers extraordinary resistance to impact and cutting. It is commonly used in the manufacture of body armor such as bulletproof vests, as well as machine casings that ensure protection against impact/friction – e.g. a skid plate protecting the engine in a racing car.

We manufacture and supply kevlar fiber components and products. Our offer includes formed Kevlar fiber parts as well as Kevlar fiber sheets.

Our Company supplies composite parts and components made from aramid - Kevlar, Nomex, Twaron, Arawin.

We manufacture aramid components and parts (min. quantity 20 items).
We supply aramid products for defense industries, NATO troops and motor sports. We have significant expertise in supplying bulletproof vests.

We supply Kevlar components to different markets including Switzerland, Germany, Italy, USA, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Poland and many more.

Manufacturing kevlar & aramid parts in autoclave
Kevlar & Aramid fiber products technology

A supplier with over 10 years experience in supplying Aramid products.
In those 10 years we have mastered the production techniques required to match the requirements of any client:

  • Pre-preg in autoclave:a method widely used in the production of Kevlar composites of extraordinary strength. This technology is used in the manufacture of bulletproof vests.
  • Resin vacuum infusion: the perfect method for manufacturing large pieces with relatively simple shapes e.g. a skid plate protecting the engine in racing cars.

Kevlar parts manufacturer

We have the ideal range of manufacturing technologies to suit any client’s requirements. We have established an enviable reputation for manufacturing superior quality aramid products. Our expertise and know-how is attributed to our team of highly qualified and skilled engineers, modern facilities and great pride in what we do.

Manufacturing kevlar-carbon fiber hybrid parts
Why Dexcraft?
  • More than 10 years manufacturing experience.
  • Successfully completed more than 30 manufacturing projects of Kevlar, Nomex, Twaron and Arawin products.
  • Expertise in production of aramid products.
  • Strict adherence to high quality standards at all stages.
  • Cooperation with leading suppliers in Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, USA and Poland.
  • Advanced facilities: 8 bar pressure autoclave, clean room, paint shop, 4-axis CNC machining center, thermal treatment oven (2x2x2m, 250oC/480oF).
  • Can supply products with a logo and serial number.
  • On-time deliveries at competitive prices.
Project execution- 10 steps:
  1. Consultation: defining the objectives.
  2. Designing: from an idea to 3D design.
  3. Mold and model: with focus on precision and attention to detail.
  4. Prototype: demonstration of first product iteration for client’s approval - molding the first kevlar fiber product.
  5. Series production: production according to individual requirements regarding quality and quantity.
  6. Treatment: cutting, milling, drilling holes.
  7. Assembly: assembly with adhesives, bolts, rivets.
  8. Finishing: painting, marking, polishing
  9. Quality control: measurements, precise visual inspection.
  10. Logistics: packing and shipping.

DEXCRAFT - supplier of comprehensive Kevlar fiber solutions.

We implemented over 30 Aramid fiber parts projects. We supply:

Automotive industry:

  • Skid plates;
  • Wheel arches.


  • Ballistic protection (Aramid/Kevlar);
  • Bulletproof vests;
  • NATO vehicle components;
  • UAVs and Drones;
  • Battery boxes/cases.

And more more Kevlar composites (aramid fiber molding).

We are ready and waiting to produce your aramid composite products, including Kevlar, Nomex, Twaron and Arawin.