What differentiates epoxy from polyester composites?05.11.2015

Airbus A350 composite

This article explains why epoxy resins find applications in our manufacture and their main role. Each Dexcraft branded intake tube or other composite element is made from 2 basic materials: fabrics (carbon fiber,…

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9 secrets about Carbon Fiber Composites04.11.2015

Koenigsegg CCXR made from carbon fiber

Carbon fiber composites have many unique properties including extreme strength, light weight, original and prestigious design. Yet this material has many secrets – as far back as 40 years ago it was used…

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Aluminium vs carbon fiber – comparison of materials07.10.2015

Alumnium VS Carbon fiber

  What material can substitute for aluminium and offer improved strength as well as reduced weight? Is it possible to manufacture components that weigh 50% less than aluminium but offer similar or greater…

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