RX9 Soft Carbon Fiber Leather / Fabric

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Thanks to our products, many designers and companies turn their dreams into reality when it comes to leather, leatherette or artificial leather. 

Our offer includes the latest innovative product, namely RX9 Soft Carbon Fiber Leather – luxurious material with excellent flexibility.

Carbon fiber is a material with outstanding rigidity, 5 times more rigid than steel (for the same weight of product). Many months of research resulted in manufacturing of this product that is suitable for bending and sawing without damaging the material

Now this luxurious and prestigious leather like material, may be used for the manufacturing of:

  • - wallets
  • - bags
  • - etui
  • - luggage suitcases / cases
  • - rucksacks
  • - cloths

Those are only a fraction of the possible uses. Using a little imagination and ingenuity means the applications for this leather product are virtually limitless.

RX9 is a hardened and impregnated material, ready for use as a covering for any elements. 

Note that RX9 Soft Carbon leather should not be confused with imitation carbon fiber. RX9 Soft Carbon leather is the same material used in Formula 1 racing cars, most advanced airplanes, sport cars, luxurious yachts and sport bikes. 

The manufacturing process includes 6 phases and was developed on the basis of tests and research to provide a top quality product. 

RX9 Soft Carbon is available in 1m2 sheets. We can also supply also bigger sizes. 

If you are looking for traditional carbon fiber please visit us at carbon fiber sheets

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