Dexcraft Carbon Air Intake Honda Civic / Crx

Product reference: BIGTUB-CRB

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Intake fits most models of Honda Civic- manufacturing year 1992-2000.

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Air intake specifically for Honda Civic 5 and 6 generation (1992-2000).
For engine capacity of 1.5, 1.6 and 1.8.
Carbon premium model (carbon fiber).

Intake called Big Chamber / Big Tube Intake.
Special model made from carbon fiber (Carbon) and high quality epoxy resins (highest grade resins – unlike Polyester resins).

Special treatment including heat curing for many hours ensures resistance to high temperature (over 100°C), improved strength (in practice indestructible) and low weight (approximately 500g).

To ensure high aesthetics of product interior and exterior, we do not use glass mats. This technology offers not only improved product strength but smooth internal surfaces as well.

The set includes:

  • Air intake
  • Rubber connector
  • Clamps
  • Intake bracket
  • Crankcase breather tube inlet along with tube (rubber adapter + pin + crankcase breather tube)

A cone filter is available also as a chargeable option. 

To select the airbox filter (of 114mm dia.), click the "Accessories" tab above the product description. We have K&N and Bronze Racing filters available ex stock.

1.6 engine (d16z6): 
Horsepower  boost + 4 KM
Torque increase + 6.1 N

Video of dyno test:

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