Our company is a supplier of carbon fiber products. Depending on the required strength and the aesthetic appearance of the product, the manufacturing process uses the appropriate technology, namely prepreg, resin infusion or manual laminating.

Manual laminating

Manufacture of high quality of carbon fiber products requires costly technology. Dexcraft is one of the few companies that manufacture products using proprietary technologies of manual laminating that ensure a high quality composite.
Our products manufactured using the technology of manual laminating show no defects related to bubbles in the carbon fiber layer. Thanks to in-mold coating technology, all manufactured elements are resistant to UV as soon as they are removed from the mold (eliminating the need for further spraying).

Resin infusion

This technique is used in the manufacture of carbon sheets and other large size elements, which have moderately complex shapes.

Prepreg - autoclave carbon fiber manufacturing

In the case of products that have complex shapes and require assembly of many parts, as well as being light weight, the optimal solution is prepreg technology. Actually, this approach is common in Formula 1 and in the manufacture of professional carbon fiber components like racing bicycles.
Our company uses autoclave technology that ensures the composite is perfect and free of any defects related to bubbles, etc.

Carbon fiber prepreg moulding

Prepreg autoclave technology

Customized technology

To meet clients’ requirements, we developed proprietary solutions that enable the manufacture of unique products. To complete theoretically unfeasible projects, our company developed many customized solutions and technologies.
Prepreg carbon fibre manufacturing

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