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Set of 2 stylish carbon fiber coasters.

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Premium quality set of 2 stylish carbon coasters made from 100% carbon fiber.

An unusual and unique talking point is that they are made from the same high tech material used in Formula 1, Ferrari and Koenigsegg racing cars.

Their attractive and decorative design draws they eye and will certainly impress your friends.

They also protect your table surface because people automatically place their glass, mug or cup on the coaster. It's instinctive!

The manufacturing technology and specification of these coasters is a result of years of experience and know-how. The process uses epoxy resin vacuum infusion to create carbon fiber and then precise CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutting. They are probably the most high tech coasters you can have!

The advanced production process and high quality carbon fiber makes your coasters 5 times more rigid than steel coasters of the same weight. Each coaster is 3 mm thick and 10 cm in diameter.

They come with foam underneath to protect your furniture. It makes for a perfect gift for anyone.


Coasters are perfect for the top of any:

  • glass table,
  • wooden table,
  • balcony garden table,
  • bedroom table,
  • MDF table (of any color: white, black),
  • pub/bar table,
  • living room table (dinner, lunch).

Coasters are perfect as:

  • whisky glass coasters,
  • drink coasters,
  • coffee table coasters,
  • tea cup coasters,
  • beer coasters,
  • juice glass coasters,
  • ice cream cup coasters,
  • wine glass coasters,
  • any beverage /dessert coasters.

Coasters may be used for both hot and cold drinks/beverages/desserts. 

Outstanding quality of carbon fiber reserved until now for the world of luxury and elegance is now available to you.

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