Carbon fiber business cards - 50 items, double side overprint

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Probably the most sophisticated Premium quality carbon fiber business cards: double side permanent overprint, full color (4+4), smooth on both sides – high gloss or matt (select the option below).

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Quantity: a lot Delivery: 7-10 days

Set of Premium quality carbon fiber business cards (50 items).

Now you can have unique business cards that will make a lasting impression on any person who receives them.

No doubt many times you were given a business card that resembled many others.

During business meetings any detail may give you an edge. Carbon is associated with elegance, luxury and something very unique. Experience shows that after the meeting, your business card will be the object of attention for at least 5 minutes. It is very likely that others will be impressed also!

According to research, a sale is driven 90% by emotion and 10% by facts and information. Never underestimate that. The photos are for reference only and do not show all the unique features of carbon fiber. When you rotate the business card in your hand you will see 3D depth of carbon fiber.

Imagine your luxury business cards made from the material used for manufacture of Formula 1 sport cars and Koenigsegg or Ferrari racing cars.

Double – side permanent overprint with full color (namely 4+4).
To find out more about other version avaiable, please go to Carbon fiber business cards. Europe made in Carbon fiber business cards


Manufacture of carbon business cards requires know-how, experience and includes production processes based on epoxy resin vacuum infusion, precise CNC cutting, as well as technologically advanced overprinting. Therefore the manufacturing process of 50 business cards takes around 7-10 working days.

Our Company is a reputable supplier of carbon fiber products and therefore you can be sure that you will receive 100% carbon fiber business cards.

Thickness: 0.7 mm.
Weight: ultra lightweight, business card weighs as little as 4.7 grams.

Dimensions: 90x50 mm (optionally credit card size 85x55 mm is available also).

Finish options:

  • Double side high gloss.
  • Double side matt.

In any case both sides have a smooth surface.

Each card is packed individually with PVC film to protect against scratches.

What we need to produce your carbon fiber business cards:
Just send us the wording and logo or your business card project free of bleeds or printing markers. We recommend sending your business card artwork (e.g. on black background or carbon fiber texture).

How to get better price?

Get more for less – order high volume of business cards, contact us at, and you will receive a special discount.

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